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Bookkeeping and tax management pose substantial challenges. For many, the task can seem be daunting or down right impossible. At Jennings & Hawley, we are here to help guide you to quality solutions. There are a few online resources most tax filers will need at some point.

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Below are resources to assist you with some of the many services we offer. You can find your refund, access IRS forms, and easily organize your taxes. We have also provided the resources necessary to better organize the structure of your business. These buttons link 3rd party websites, please understand that you will be navigating away from Jennings & Hawley’s website.

where is my refund

Where’s my refund?

Click the button below to track your IRS refund.

irs form publications

IRS Forms & Publications

Download forms or publications offered by the IRS

our tax organizer

Our Tax Organizer

Download our helpful and easy to use tax organizer. ​

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Account Status

Check your Account Status

record retention

Record Retention

Click below to find out how long you should keep your records

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IRS Direct Pay

Use this secure service to pay your taxes to the US Government

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